Sunday, January 5, 2014

Christmas Eve And New Year's Eve

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I've been sooooooooo busy.  But I thought I'd share some pictures of our meals for Christmas Eve and New Year's Eve.  I did not make all the food myself, my family made a lot of it.  However, we are all good cooks!

Christmas Eve:
fried shrimp and underneath fried scallops
cold seafood salads squid and octopus


baked clams, filets

chicken for those who don't eat seafood

the bar with some homemade wines

shrim scampi, stuffed mushrooms and baked clams

honey balls, candies and homemade cookies

various homemeade cookies, nuts and pretzels with chocolate

various homemade cookies and large tin of a variety of candies

seafood salads, filets, linguini with white clam sauce, lobster, shrimp scampi,
fried shrimp and scallops and lasagna

lasagna, fried shrimp and scallops, shrimp scampi, lobster, linguini with while clam sauce,
filets, cold seafood salads

another shot of the spread

linguini with while clam sauce

New Year's Eve:

various olives, Italian bread, roasted red peppers, antipasto, veggie platter,
pasta salad

antipasto and veggie platter

pasta salad with broccoli 

pigs in a blanket, cheesecake for a birthday, veggie platter and pasta salad

cheese cake for a birthday
various chips and dips and candies
I hope your holidays were filled with as much family, fun, food, and laughter as ours were!

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