Thursday, October 10, 2013

Spare Ribs and Puppies!

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I've been very, very busy with the move, settling in, work, and a new puppy!  I will post some cute puppy/doggie pics at the end for the cooks who are also dog lovers like myself.

My one complaint here is that I don't have gas, I must cook with electric.  I'm getting used to it again.

Now that fall is here, things are settling down, the pup is getting bigger and somewhat better, I will be doing more cooking!

I made spare ribs in my new Nuwave Oven my sister gave me! They came out awesome. I made my own seasoning.


olive oil
yellow mustard
balsamic vinegar
maples syrup
garlic powder

In a bowl pour olive oil, ketchup, yellow mustard, balsamic vinegar, sugar free & gluten free maple syrup or regular maple syrup, garlic powder and salt.  I can't tell you how much; I cook by eye.  Until it looks good as mom taught me!  Whisk thoroughly.  Put some on top of ribs.  When you turn ribs, pour remainder on. Enjoy.

Quick, easy, YUMMY!!!!

Some fun doggie pics.

Lucy, our new addition - a Chiweenie

Lexxi - a Morkie

Baby - a Yorkie

pooped from playing

a good morning kiss 
my girls 
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  1. Adorable puppies and yummy looking ribs. Thanks for sharing at Swap N Share Sunday. I wondered about the Nuwave oven. I keep seeing them advertise and thought hmmm think I need one. lol
    Spatulas On Parade

    1. I recommend the oven. I think you will like it. My sister bought two thinking she would use them both but realized one was enough so she gave me one and I really liked it!

  2. They look good! I have heard of this type of oven and often wondered if they really made a difference. I guess they do! Enjoy!


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