Wednesday, July 17, 2013

It Works...

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I realized when I was teaching my children about saving and when I was fundraising for a very important cause, that small amounts really do add up.  It's true with money and also true for calories, sugars, carbs, etc.

We had planned a Disney Cruise and saved for two years for it.  The kids were small at the time.  I taught them to save their monetary gifts (for birthdays, holidays, etc.) and to save their change.  When we were ready to take our cruise, we went to the bank and cashed in their savings.  Well, it all added up to a really nice sum of money, they had hundreds to spend as they chose on the cruise.

When I was fundraising, every dollar counted, every dime counted.  When I would go to pick up the jar that was on display at a family restaurant, within one week, all those dollars, all the change added up to at least $80, that was the least, at times it was in the hundreds.

I've been using to track my diet and excercise.  It's similar to the Weight Watcher's site I used to use, except it's free; Weight Watcher's is not.

When you track your food, you really get a handle on what you are eating and how to control portions.  I never really ate bad foods, I just ate too much of the good foods.  However, keep in mind, you must eat enough food, because too little will defeat the purpose as well.

Calories can add up quickly.  However, you can save if you realize, little amounts add up quickly.  I cut out little things and save on calories.  Instead of a tablespoon of butter on my half cup of peas I leave them plain. That saves me 120 calories.  I flavor them instead with the same flavoring from the meat, the juices from the meat I'm going to eat.  Instead of using ketchup, as one tablespoon is 20 calories, I  eat my meat with my veggies in one bite.  Few people only use one tablespoon of ketchup, so they are more likely to be eating 40 to 60 calories.  Even going low, between the butter and the ketchup, I just saved myself 140 calories and didn't feel like I missed a thing.

Today's lunch was a turkey burger without a roll (or gluten free bread as I can't eat regular rolls) with a half cup of my homemade potato salad. I didn't use mayonnaise in the potato salad, click the link for my recipe.  I left off the cheese and ate the burger plain.  One slice of Boar's Head American cheese is 110 calories.

Leaving out the cheese =        110
Leaving out the ketchup =       20
Calories Saved =                          130

I washed it all down with a large bottle of water.  I've always loved water.  My mom always told me I used to suck down big bottles of water from a tiny baby, she couldn't give me enough!  There's always a big bottle of water on my desk at work.  If not water, I drink Lipton's diet green tea.

If you cut out little things here and there with each meal, you can save yourself a lot of calories daily. It all adds up. Give it a try.  It works.  

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