Wednesday, May 15, 2013

My Idol

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Who do you look up to?  Who do you find intriguing?  Is there a Youtube channel or a blog you like to go to first when you need to smile, need an idea, are looking for a recipe or just feel like relaxing and watching/reading?

For me, it's Laura In The Kitchen.  I find her intriguing, interesting, easy to listen to, fun to watch and very informative.  I love her recipes and her methods.  Sometimes I watch her videos just to relax, she has a way about her that calms, in my opinion.

She reminds me of being in the kitchen with my family as a kid.  My favorite videos were of her and her grandma (nonna) when she was in Italy visiting.  Those videos were so special to me for two reasons.  First off, I loved to cook with both my grandmothers.  Secondly, it's my dream to visit Italy one day!  The bonus is hearing her speak Italian, I miss it so much.  I used to love hearing my Grandmother speak in Italian.  I never understood or spoke, just words here and there, but I loved hearing it.

For an interesting bio on Laura click here.

Thank you, Laura, for the wonderful recipes and how to and for sharing your tips, techniques and theories!  Watching you makes me feel at home.

One of my favorite recipes is Laura's Eggs in Purgatory,  I've made it several times since watching her video. It came out delicious each time!

So who is your idol?

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