Monday, May 13, 2013

Mother's Day Fettuccini Alfredo

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mom's alfredo sauce
My mom has always been my best friend.  Not to say she wasn't the mother, the authority figure, the one in charge and the one to be respected.  She was all of that and a friend at the same time.  It's an awesome combination.

mom's lasagna and garlic bread
I learned many, many things from her, but one of my favorite lessons was in cooking.  I always enjoyed cooking, from when I was a young child. I was the one right in there asking to help in the kitchen. She let me do things, really help, and she explained along the way.  Not only did I learn to cook, but, we had many laughs and wonderful conversations during that time spent together.

I also loved to cook with my grandmothers, also both excellent cooks.  I can still hear their voices now.  I can hear them and see them telling me how to do something and demonstrating it as they spoke.  Sometimes when I cook, I "hear" them with me, "telling" me how to do something or I remember a funny story they told or remember an fun event.

Mexican appetizer
Tomorrow we will all be at my sister's house.  They have requested I bring the same Mexican dish I made for Easter as an appetizer.  Well, my sis asked a bit late and I didn't have all the ingredients in the house.  Also, the last time I made it, I did the meat and refried beans in advance.  I didn't want to rush around first shopping then cooking all morning, so I promised to make it again with more advance notice another time!

We had a great day.  Hope all you mom's out there had a wonderful day today as well.

Mom insisted on cooking, trust me she is an absolutely amazing cook!  My parents owned a pizzeria/restaurant at one point.  Below are some pics of her amazing meal and our yummy sweets afterwards!

Mom's Alfredo Sauce


heavy cream
half and half
egg yolks
Parmigiano cheese
chicken breast

Melt butter in a saucepan on low heat.  Add heavy cream and half and half and egg yolks (beaten lightly).  Add salt (go light as cheese is salty)  Cook until thick, stirring often.  Add parmigiano cheese just before serving.

Cook chicken breast until browned nicely and cut into small squares.  Do not season as you don't want to take away from the flavor of the alfredo sauce.  Add squares of chicken into the sauce, just before you are ready to pour the sauce over the fettuccini.

Boil fettuccine, do not over cook, you want it fairly firm (al dente) as when you pour the  hot alfredo sauce over the fettuccini it  will soften some more.  You don't want a bowl of mush.  Pour sauce over fettuccini generously, it will soak it up so don't be afraid to add a lot.  Be sure to leave some sauce for the side. Add some more Parmigiano cheese sprinkled on top of bowl of pasta.  Serve and enjoy!

Mom's fettuccini alfredo - my sister made a pork roast

you haven't had fettuccine alfredo until you have had mom's.


pork roast

mom makes awesome salad too!  People literally rave over it.


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  1. I LOVE Fettucini Alfredo and am definitely going to try this recipe. Thanks so much for linking up with "Try a New Recipe Tuesday." I look forward to what you submit every week and hope you will be able to join us again. Many blessings, Lisa

  2. Thank you, it's mom's recipe and it's awesome. I'm sure you will enjoy! Let me know if you make it. Post a link and comment here on my blog. Thanks and have a great day!


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