Friday, May 17, 2013

Funny Cooking Stories

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I'm sure we all have some funny cooking stories, things we can still look back on to this day and laugh and laugh!  I'll share two of mine!

When we were growing up, my dad worked in New York City, downtown, by the Trade Center, on Wall Street.  Every Wednesday, he would go to spend the night at his parents' house in Queens, so we had a fun night with just mom!  It was great because we got a fun dinner too.  One of our favorites was grilled cheese and tomato soup!  It was especially yummy on a cold, snowy winter New York night.

Mom was busy doing something, probably working on the house, painting or whathaveyou.  And so... she made the fatal mistake of allowing us kids to make Wednesday night dinner thinking, how bad could it be, it's only grilled cheese and tomato soup.  Well, let's just say, our meal looked NOTHING like this from Living Well with Mariya.

The kitchen didn't do very well either.  It sorta looked like this:

I've since learned to clean as I go.  Hey, we were very young, maybe eight and nine (myself and my cousin), and mom did teach us to clean as we go, however, we were a bit overwhelmed and couldn't get it down.  The soup was still cold and the grilled cheese was burning.  The pans were burnt, soup dripped everywhere, crumbs all over the counters, butter smeared, you get the idea.  I thought my mom's eyes were going to bulge out of her head when she stepped into the kitchen!

Amazingly, she ate our meal, burnt sandwiches and now burnt soup, since we put it up higher to get it hot since the sandwiches were done.  We kinda forgot to stir it though and the bottom burnt giving the soup a burnt taste.  She gave us a few tips on how to do things better next time... LOL

Veal cutlets.  Just the mention of those two words creates laughter and conversation in our family! Oh boy, I will never live down the veal cutlet fiasco!

Mine did NOT look like this from

It looked more like this from The NHL:

My parents owned a restaurant.  I used to watch the little ones and do the cooking sometimes.  Well, I got a little confused one night.  I remembered my mom putting cutlets (PORK) cutlets under the broiler and them coming out delicious.  I did it with veal cutlets.  Let's just say they weren't that delicious.  They were shriveled, hard hockey pucks.  And... my dad ate them, with no complaints!  To this day, that story is brought up at least twice a year and the laughter ensues, along with the teasing.  I have since learned to not mix up my cutlets.

So who has some funny cooking stories?  Please share.

Also, if you have an Idol, share that as well!

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