Sunday, April 28, 2013

Sunday Dinner

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Typical Italian Sunday dinner in my family at "Grandma's House" or my mom's house, but Grandma to all the kids.  It's how I grew up, every Sunday we went into Queens for Sunday dinner at my Grandma's house!  All the family was there!

My mom is one of the best cooks on the planet and I'm proud to have learned from her, as well as, my two Grandmothers, also amazing cooks!

The menu today:

garlic bread
roasted chicken

I didn't get shots of the chicken or salad, sorry.  But here's the lasagna and garlic bread!

typical array of items on the table!  

Sunday, April 21, 2013

London Broil

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I let the London Broil marinate about 12 hours and it was absolutely delicious!  The flavors were outstanding.


marinated London Broil

Place London Broil onto a broiling pan.  Be sure to spread the marinate evenly.  Broil to taste.  I like my meat well done, so I broil a bit longer than many.

I served with a side of spaghetti squash and string beans.  My mom had sent over a big bowl of meatballs in sauce.  There were two large meatballs left in some sauce so I crushed them up to make a meat sauce for the spaghetti squash and put up a small pot with extra sauce.  It came out absolutely exquisite.

I added a side of string beans with butter and called it a meal!

The entire meal took about a half hour to put together.  It's a quick and easy meal when one doesn't want to spend hours in the kitchen, yet wants something tasty and satisfying.

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Marinade for London Broil

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I rarely cook Steak or London Broil, however, I desired it when I saw a nice piece while shopping recently. London Broil always tasted so delicious if it marinates 12 - 24 hours before cooking.

Marinade for London Broil


red onion
white onion
balsamic vinegar
olive oil
yellow mustard

Chop onion and garlic into small pieces and place in bowl.  Add about a teaspoon of softened butter.  Add the rest of the ingredients and stir.  If it looks too dry, add a bit more olive oil.

Score meat as shown in video.  Place meat in a tupperware that has a tight cover.  Pour marinade over meat.  Turn meat over so marinade is on both side.  Cover tightly and refrigerate.  Every so often take tupperware out and turn upside down and shake up and down and side to side.  Place back in refrigerator and repeat.  Allow meat to marinate 12 - 24 hours.

Cook on the barbecue or in the broiler.  Serve with the sides of your choice.  Come back tomorrow to see how I cook and what sides I serve.

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Gluten Free, Diets, Hungry

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I know how he feels, I had the same reaction to being told I was allergic to Gluten (see video below).  I'm also allergic to nuts and tree nuts and penicillin.  I knew about the penicillin for a very long time, however, I developed the gluten and nut allergy within the last two years, UGH.  But... it is what it is, right.  There are much worse things in life, trust me, I know!

I have to be careful.  I carry an epipen.  Fortunately, I've never had to use it, unfortunately, I've been rushed to the hospital via ambulance twice with a severe reaction.  After an episode I feel really sick; it takes a few hours before I'm feeling ok and about a day before I'm back to normal!

They say laughter is the best medicine!  This guy sure does dish out some good medicine.

Due to allergies and diabetes in our house, I cook meals that are gluten free, nut free and sugar free.  Sounds like it would taste like cardboard, right?  Wrong.  I manage to make delicious meals.

I made hubby an omelet this a.m. He says it was delicious!


peppers - red, yellow and green
onions - red and white
turkey bacon
cheddar cheese

Fry turkey bacon until crisp and remove.  Turkey bacon does not make much grease so you can add the chopped veggies right into the pan to cook.  Cook on medium heat - scallions, onions and peppers.

Crack 4 eggs.  Use only one yolk, use just the whites of the remaining 3.  Beat eggs gently.

Crumble bacon into small pieces. Add to veggies.

 Add egg mixture to veggies and bacon and raise heat. Top with cheddar cheese.  Stir constantly.  Cook until eggs are dry and cheese is melted.  Serve and enjoy!

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Monday, April 8, 2013

On The Side or Dinner For One!

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One of my favorite movies.  When Harry Met Sally.  I love watching it, especially on a snowy, cold, winter day.  It adds a warm feeling, it makes the afternoon cozy.  The plot revolves around winter holidays, Christmas, New Year's Eve, cold weather in New York, when you want warm foods like soups, chilis, stews, tacos and that little extra something on the side, maybe some extra salsa and sour cream on the side or a nice piece of corn bread, a slice of Italian bread, or possibly a green veggie or potato.

As a native New Yorker, I've lived through many a frigid winter and even today, April 6th, it's still very cold.  This morning was freezing and windy.  

I love how Meg Ryan's character orders everything "on the side."   I have a friend just like her; it's hysterical.  Whenever we go out to eat, it's a fiasco.  She can never decide what she wants, then once she decides, it's a project to order and she wants everything "on the side" or she can't decide what sides she wants, hmmmmm mashed, fries, rice and then, soup or salad or both and the veggies, forget it, that's an hour long decision!  Does she want the peas and carrots, well, maybe, if there's no onions in it, but if there is, then she will have the brussels sprouts, or maybe the spinach.  But it's all in good fun, we tease her all the time!

So what are your favorite side dishes or what do you like on the side?  Here's some of mine below:

creamed cauliflower

baked potatoe


sweet potatoes with pears


brown rice

baked red potato with butter and American cheese

One of my favorite dishes on the side is peppers and onions.  They make a great side with a lot of main courses, especially a juicy steak or london broil.  However, we sometimes like to eat them on the side of turkey burgers as well.

Tonight I'm making a peppers and onions dish for one, myself.  However, I'm going to have it as a main course, with red potatoes and grilled chicken!  When I cook for just myself, very often I will make only a side dish and eat that as my main meal or I will whip up something quick and easy in one pot or pan and call it a night!

Peppers, Onions, Potatoes and Chicken

Olive Oil
Red onion
Sweet onion
Red potato (any potato of your choice)
chicken (I used grilled chicken breast)

Coat the bottom of a small frying pan with a small amount of olive oil and heat on medium heat. Add onions, peppers and season with a little salt, cover.  Stir fairly often.  Wash a large potato and semi cook in microwave, just to soften it up.  Cut potato into small cubes and when peppers and onions are fairly soft, add potatoes. Cover.  Stir often.  If necessary, add a little bit more olive oil or a bit of butter.  Cook chicken ahead of time on a grill (I used my George Foreman - the chicken had been made previously.)  Cut chicken into cubes and add when everything is just about done, just to heat it up, you don't want it in too long as it will dry out.  Serve and enjoy.

So, who has some awesome sides or quick meals for one they would like to share?

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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter Sunday Appetizers

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We gather at my sister's house every Easter Sunday.  My contribution this year was two appetizers - deviled eggs and a Mexican dish.  It was my first time making deviled eggs, but so everyone said, they were great!

Deviled Eggs


garlic powder
roasted peppers

Place eggs in a pot andash  fill with cold water about an inch above eggs.  Bring to a boil, lower heat and let simmer covered for 10 minutes.  Place pot into the sink and run cold water into pot until all the water is cold.  It eliminates having to drain the water from the pot, causing the eggs to crack.  Let eggs sit in cold water until they are chilled.  Peel eggs, rinse under cool water to be sure all shells are removed and set aside to allow eggs to dry.

Remove roasted peppers from the jar and place in a strainer in the sink to drain.

Slice eggs in half longways.  Remove yolks and place into a bowl, setting whites aside in a separate pan.  Mash yolks with a fork until they are crumbled into very small pieces.  Season yolks to taste.  Add mayonnaise, mustard, garlic powder and salt.  Mix thoroughly until mixture is smooth and spreadable.

Place yolk mixture into a plastic baggie and seal bag.  Cut a small hole in tip of one corner. (see video)  Squeeze plastic bag forcing yolk mixture out into the egg white shells.  Smooth filling out with the back of a spoon on each egg.  Sprinkle with a light dusting of paprika.

Place a roasted pepper flat on a plate and cut small strips.  Place one strip on each egg.  Enjoy!

Mexican Dish


Fritos Scoops
Fritos Original
pinto beans
red beans
black beans
ground beef
sour cream
cheddar cheese
garlic cloves
garlic powder

Place ground beef in a frying pan on medium/high.  Sprinkle with a bit of garlic powder.  Fry until browned, chopping meat into very small pieces.

Refried beans -  chop one medium onion and several cloves of garlic.  Place in frying pan in hot butter on medium heat.  Cook until soft.  Add pinto beans.  Cook mixture until beans are hot and soften.  Mash beans.

Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

(See Video for preparation of dish)  Layer pan with Fritos scoops.  Add a layer of ground beef, black beans, red beans, refried beans and cheddar cheese.  Add another layer of Fritos scoops on top and repeat layers of ingredients.  Top with Fritos original.

Place pan into oven and heat until cheese melts and refried beans are hot.

Cut avocado and place into a bowl.  Mash into creamy mixture.

Top dish with dollops of sour cream and avocado.  Place salsa in a bowl on the side.

Serve dish with a large serving spoon.  Spoon individual servings of mixture into small plates or bowls, place some salsa on the side and enjoy!

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