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Stuffed Chicken Breast and Mashed Cauliflower

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Hubby requested my stuffed chicken cutlets and mashed cauliflower for dinner.  I obliged.
It's quick and easy to make, yet very tasty.  Check out the pictures and videos below, as well as, links at the bottom of the post for other great dishes.  

Stuffed Chicken Cutlets:


Chicken cutlets (thick)
swiss cheese
garlic powder

Slice cutlets across at their thickest part, but do not slice all the way through.  Leave the cutlet so that you can stuff it; it's still one piece.  Stuff with swiss cheese and ham.  Put the cheese on the inside so it doesn't all melt out into the pan.  The ham holds it in place.  

Please don't mind the towels on the floor in the video.  I had trouble with the pipe and we had several floods.  The towels were there to ensure I didn't slip and break my neck, in case more water came unexpectedly.

Put a small amount of cooking oil into a frying pan, heat.  Place cutlets into hot oil.  Sprinkle lightly with garlic powder.  Turn the cutlets several times, cooking thoroughly until golden brown on each side. 

Cut into the thickest part of each cutlet.  Make a thin slice with a knife and make sure they are thoroughly cooked throughout.  Don't overcook, however, as you will dry out the cutlet.  

Mashed Cauliflower:


Fresh or frozen cauliflower (I used fresh this time)
half and half
shredder cheddar cheese
American cheese

Boil cauliflower until soft.  Drain thoroughly.  Pour half and half into a microwave safe bowl (judge amount per the amount of cauliflower you cooked).  Add butter and cheddar cheese.  Heat in microwave until butter and cheese are melted and liquid can be mixed.  Add liquid to cauliflower and then mash with mixer.  Pour into a serving bowl, cover with American cheese and heat in microwave just before serving to melt American cheese.  


plated up and ready to serve
Check out some of my other favorite dishes below:

meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes
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