Saturday, January 5, 2013


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On Christmas Eve, my large, Italian/American family serves pasta (spaghetti) and a lot of seafood, which is a tradition.

This year we had three different types of spaghetti dishes, one with just butter, one with white clam sauce and one with marinara sauce.  Due to the large amount of guests, we choose to serve on paper plates, which we've been doing for years.

I recently heard the most absolutely absurd, ridiculous statement that really tickled me pink and inspired me, due to it's complete laughability,  to have some fun with it.  Therefore, I dedicated this blog not only to the awesome Grandmas who are/were not only great people, but spectacular cooks, but also to pasta, namely, spaghetti, which is a favorite in my house.  Apparently, there is some unknown, unspoken rule stating one cannot eat spaghetti off of paper plates.  All these years, I've been in the dark on this. It's so absurd, I can't help but have a ton of fun with it.

It has brought many a good, hearty laugh since I was told that.

Yes, we can eat spaghetti off of paper plates and we will continue to do so!  But the laughs were truly appreciated and in honor of the "Spaghetti Rules" tomorrow I will be making meatballs in my own sauce.

Stay tuned for the recipe.

served on the dreaded paper plate!  I promise, it was just as delicious!


Reene Pisi

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